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Louis Petrie, Pharm.D

Dr. Petrie earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Southern California and then registered to practice pharmacy in California and Nevada in 1986.

Dr. Petrie first practiced in geriatrics and long term care as a consultant pharmacist, eventually becoming the director of consulting services a two national long term care pharmacy chains. Dr. Petrie then became interested in the growing multimedia and fledgling Internet opportunities in healthcare. His response was to create Hybrid Health Technologies, a company that developed the content and technology platforms for disease management outreach programs for the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Petrie then started a pharmacy consulting company focused on the management of inpatient hospital and long term care pharmacies. His company developed unique programs to effect significant cost savings while delivering high quality care.

Dr. Petrie and his wife Arezou then opened Parkview Compounding Pharmacy in the Inland Empire. Dr. Petrie was instrumental in having within three years the pharmacy becoming the 26th pharmacy in the U.S. accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). Of note, the pharmacy received its second accreditation in 2012. He remains involved in the administrative functions of Parkview and provides marketing and educations services to physicians seeking compounding services.

In 2007, Dr. Petrie formed Advantage Vaccination Service. His vision was to create a comprehensive center to promote travel and health vaccinations. Today, Advantage services travelers, patients, healthcare professionals, IPA’s and the military for their travel vaccination and general immunization needs. In 2011, he received the prestigious Certificate in Travel Health (CTH) from the international Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM).


Arezou Petrie, RPh.

Mrs. Petrie began her clinical practice at Long Beach Memorial Hospital in New York. As Director of Clinical Services she implemented pharmacoeconomic and pharmacokinetic programs. Within the first year she demonstrated an 80% reduction in Digoxin toxicity. Mrs. Petrie also proved a reduction in overall length of hospital stay with improved outcomes upon discharge. Another program reduced antibiotic usage in geriatric patients in both the hospital and its long term care center. The economic return to the hospital within the first year was over $500,000. Finally, the implementation of these programs showed a significant reduction in adverse drug effects throughout the entire institution.
Mrs. Petrie to California where she became the Director of Pharmacy at Hollywood Community Hospital. In addition to implementing her prior clinical programs, she began a program for sublingual administration of behavioral therapy medications. This program, combined with weekly group therapy and education on medication management, resulted in improved compliance and reduction of length of stay. Mrs. Petrie became involved in clinical research programs at the facility. One experiment she created and lead to positive outcomes was using Cytochrome P450 inhibitors in conjunction with antivirals to decrease the clearance of the antiviral agents resulting in significant reductions in viral loads. Finally she identified an interaction between Lithium and Fluoroquinolones that causes reduction in effaced of the antibiotics and decrease in Lithium levels.
 Mrs. Petrie core interest and strength was always in drug tailoring and reverse kinetic dosing to maximize efficacy and minimize adverse effects. To that end, she created compounding services at Parkview Compounding Pharmacy. In addition to creating a customized bio-identical hormone therapy service in which she consults with patients and teach physicians, Mrs. Petrie is responsible for the creation of unique compounds. One that is patent pending is a topical anti-seizure agent that is proven to abate seizures in less than three minutes.
Mrs. Petrie’s exposure to patients from around the world caused her to pursue advanced knowledge in tropical medicine.   She received the coveted Certificate in Travel Health in 2012 and now actively involves herself in the consultation and guidance of travelers arriving at Advantage Vaccination Services.