Missionary / Relief Groups

Advantage Vaccination Services provides group travel health consultations at preferred rates to religious and business organizations delivering missionary and humanity services throughout the world.

Early planning for the health and safety-related aspects of your missionary’s group work is a key factor in its likely success. This is especially true when providing services in remote and rural settings. Advantage specializes in looking after your group as they work under extreme conditions abroad.

For overseas projects, we strongly advise contacting us well in advance, leaving plenty of time for vaccination courses to be completed, as well as for a formal risk assessment, if necessary. But we understand the pressures and realities of the nature of your valuable work, and our experience with last-minute travel is second to none: so we’ll be happy to help regardless of your schedule.

Key areas we can help with include:

  • Protection from tropical diseases
  • Food and water safety
  • Prescribing and supplying medications, medical kits, trauma kits and first aid supplies
  • Comprehensive vaccination availability
  • Directions for health screening at the end of a trip

If your team is too busy, our team is ready to come to you!

Please contact Louis Petrie at (866) 261-6460 or email at Louis@clientrevie.ws/advantagevaccination for complete details and contracting information.